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Whiteside HC4122M
Up Down Cut (2+2 Compression)

shank 9.525 mm (3/8")
D(mm) 9.53
c/l(mm) 31.75
o/a(mm) 76.2
special use MDF & Lamintes
features Hercules Max Life Carbide
material solid carbide
flute 2+2
Item Price Ex. VAT £ 46.39
Item Price Inc. VAT £ 55.67
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HC4122M ('M' = mortise style):

  • 6.35mm (1/4") up cut flute length
  • the tool is designed with shorter up-cut end flutes
  • applying a down shear action to the top surface during shallow cuts
  • great for dado cutting
  • shorter up cut is preferred on slot or mortise cutting; whilst the important upward feed of chip is still maintained, the top surface being cut is engaged by the downward shear from the down cut spiral

Hercules Max Life Spirals:

  • designed to hold up under severe loading
  • engineered for maximum bit life in high wear applications
  • ideal for longer production runs in MDF and Laminates

Manufacturer: Whiteside Machine Company; North Carolina, USA

Maximum R.P.M. Guidance
Cutting Diameter (D) Max. R.P.M.
up to 19mm 24,000
19 to 38mm 18,000
38 to 57mm 16,000
57 to 89mm 12,000

Warning: The dust generated by the grinding of tungsten carbide may contain potentially hazardous ingredients. Please ensure you wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.