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28.05.2024 by Nicholas from Guernsey
26.05.2024 by Oscar from Northampton
25.05.2024 by Zbigniew from Brandon
23.05.2024 by Noel from Armagh
20.05.2024 by James from Gloucester
20.05.2024 by Philip from Burntwood
17.05.2024 by James from Ulverston
16.05.2024 by Chris from Warwick
16.05.2024 by Matt from London
16.05.2024 by Ivan from Staines-upon-Thames
15.05.2024 by Wayne from maidstone
15.05.2024 by Philip from Burntwood
14.05.2024 by Niall from GUERNSEY
13.05.2024 by David from Morpeth
12.05.2024 by D from Barnsley
11.05.2024 by Mark from Norwich
11.05.2024 by Jack from Kingswinford
10.05.2024 by Julie from Leighton Buzzard
"Once again, Thane was extremely knowledgeable in advising the correct bit for my needs. I will only buy my router bits from this company as they are wonderful b"
09.05.2024 by Melvyn from Cambridge
08.05.2024 by FRASER from 26 Castle Road, Bankside Industrial Estate, Falkirk FK2 7UY
08.05.2024 by Tim from Northampton
07.05.2024 by Ian from PORTREE
06.05.2024 by Simon from Middlesbrough
"Excellent choice of router bits. Unfortunately, the login functionality doesn't work, so I cannot login and the password reset option doesn't send me an email to reset."
06.05.2024 by Steve from Eastbourne
06.05.2024 by Roger from Liverpool
02.05.2024 by Andrew from inverness
"Simple & easy processing thank you."
02.05.2024 by Steven from london
"Easy to use with a great range"
01.05.2024 by john from belfast
01.05.2024 by Richard from Bath
01.05.2024 by michael from Generac
29.04.2024 by Rosen from Upminster
28.04.2024 by Christopher from Cardiff
27.04.2024 by Neil from AYR
25.04.2024 by Andrew from Parham
24.04.2024 by Jonathan from Nuneaton
24.04.2024 by John from Inverurie
24.04.2024 by Nick from Wellington
22.04.2024 by Aaron from Meopham
22.04.2024 by Neal from Sheffield
"Nice and clear website"
21.04.2024 by Steven from London
"Good choice and easy to order. Thanks"
20.04.2024 by Matthew from Devizes
19.04.2024 by Michael from Leicester
18.04.2024 by Sean from Nottingham
18.04.2024 by Service from Aberdeen
17.04.2024 by Tamzine from St.Albans
17.04.2024 by ANTHONY from Worcestershire
15.04.2024 by Steve from Hope Valley
14.04.2024 by Brian from Burnley
"Quick and easy"
14.04.2024 by ANTHONY from Worcestershire
13.04.2024 by 13989 Georgi from DARTFORD
10.04.2024 by Paul from Selsey
10.04.2024 by Susan from Stamford
10.04.2024 by Wyn from St Albans
"Great selection of products which are hard to find elsewhere."
08.04.2024 by Hector from Bristol
07.04.2024 by Michael from Portree
"Excellent range"
07.04.2024 by Simon from Bristol
05.04.2024 by J from London
"Nice and easy mobile experience"
05.04.2024 by Tristan from ALTON
04.04.2024 by Ashley from WIGSTON
"I only use Whiteside now, quality is excellent"
04.04.2024 by Kevin from Harwich
04.04.2024 by Stephen from Bainton
31.03.2024 by Andrew from London
"it forgets your basket too quickly even when you are logged into the account."
30.03.2024 by John from Newark
29.03.2024 by Malcolm from Ashbourne
28.03.2024 by Piyush from Leicester
"I have always used them with old company and looking forward to restarting all ordered for new one."
28.03.2024 by Roy from Sevenoaks
27.03.2024 by John from Livingston
27.03.2024 by Bill from Haverhill
"For some reason my address would not autofill in the boxes, had to do one line at a time - hence the light green smiley. However the gentleman I spoke to on the phone when enquiring about which cutter to buy was exceedingly helpful and was much appreciated."
27.03.2024 by Chris from Sale
26.03.2024 by Harvinder from london
26.03.2024 by Rune from Arendal
"Good service fast delivery"
26.03.2024 by Andrew from Guildford
23.03.2024 by Nicholas from Guernsey
22.03.2024 by Chris from Sale
"Packaging is excellent"
21.03.2024 by Mark from Isle of skye
"Great shop"
21.03.2024 by Christopher from Chippenham
"Router bits clearly listed with useful diagrams of dimensions and all important information included in description"
20.03.2024 by Byron from IJmuiden
19.03.2024 by Phillip from Coleraine
18.03.2024 by Ryan from Houghton
17.03.2024 by Marco from Reduth
17.03.2024 by Noel from Armagh
"Well set out and plenty of details about the bit"
14.03.2024 by Kenneth from Newcastle upon Tyne
"Easy to navigate and good stock levels."
14.03.2024 by Anthony from Llandysul
"Very good service"
13.03.2024 by Nicholas from Bristol
12.03.2024 by michael from wrexham
11.03.2024 by maurice from WIMBORNE
11.03.2024 by Julie from Bedfordshire
"The customer service that I received was first class. Thayne was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the router bit that I needed. I will definitely be buying from this company in future. Thank you Thayne for your help."
10.03.2024 by Will from Maidenhead
08.03.2024 by Trevor from Southampton
"Good service"
08.03.2024 by James from Dublin
06.03.2024 by William from Colchester CO3 4SD
06.03.2024 by thomas from garway hill
"found what I was looking for which I couldn't find elsewhere. Whiteside are great quality too so routercutter.co.uk is always on my online shopping high street."
06.03.2024 by Jeff from Tadworth
06.03.2024 by Patrick from Glasgow
05.03.2024 by Gary from SPENNYMOOR
05.03.2024 by Adam from Yateley
05.03.2024 by Gary from Basingstoke
05.03.2024 by Will from kilrea