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29.02.2024 by Phillip from Coleraine
29.02.2024 by Dermot from Feeny
28.02.2024 by Michael from Portree
27.02.2024 by Barry from Southam
"Understanding the Paypal security number was a CRAZY experience! The number was garbled and fast. Normally these numbers are individually quoted not produced like a machine gun. PATHETIC"
Reply from RouterCutter.co.uk:
"We provide the customer with STRIPE payments as well as PayPal payment options. You are under no obligation to use PayPal. Some folks do not get along with PayPal. However some folks love PayPal. I do apologise for any inconvenience suffered. Stripe payments has proven to be a very popular alternative with very few payment issues. We do offer both."
27.02.2024 by ROBERT from COMRIE
26.02.2024 by Rune from Arendal
21.02.2024 by Junaid from Glasgow
21.02.2024 by Dan from Wakefield
20.02.2024 by Alastair from Southampton
19.02.2024 by Steve from Aston Somerville
17.02.2024 by Will from Cambridge
17.02.2024 by Anthony from Cheltenham
"shop was fine - hopefully the router bits will be too!"
16.02.2024 by Gervase from Hereford
"Very smooth"
16.02.2024 by michael from Ardboe
"shops Grand had the bit i needed. will return again"
15.02.2024 by simon from SALFORD
15.02.2024 by Peter from Huddersfield
14.02.2024 by Chris from Warwick
13.02.2024 by Grant from Petersfield
"Need to have basket in the menu"
13.02.2024 by Andrew from Darwen
"Looks great, wish I had found you earlier for my CNC needs"
13.02.2024 by Stanislas from Edenbridge
12.02.2024 by Ashley from WIGSTON
12.02.2024 by Steve from High Wycombe
12.02.2024 by Richard from Abbots Langley
11.02.2024 by David from Surrey
10.02.2024 by Paul from Carlisle
09.02.2024 by Tom from Reading
09.02.2024 by Paul from Neath
05.02.2024 by Chris from Newcastle, under, Lyme
05.02.2024 by Simon from Bristol
05.02.2024 by Nick from Stamford
05.02.2024 by Judith from Andreas
"Excellent selection"
04.02.2024 by Alistair from Leatherhead
04.02.2024 by Roy from York
03.02.2024 by MARGARET from CAMPBELTOWN
01.02.2024 by Andrew from HENLEY-IN-ARDEN
31.01.2024 by Simon from Newcastle upon Tyne
31.01.2024 by Mark from Bridgend
30.01.2024 by Alastair from Southampton
"Easy and clear way of ordering related items !"
29.01.2024 by Elaine from Derry
29.01.2024 by Chris from Clay Cross
"I have a member of staff, who forgot some pre assembly radius machining, but the solution is at hand. They will sleep tonight!"
29.01.2024 by Ian from Aylesbury
"Well explained site"
28.01.2024 by John from Elvanfoot
26.01.2024 by Gary from King's Lynn
26.01.2024 by ben from london
25.01.2024 by Rob from Glaasgow
"Great phone assistance, thanks"
24.01.2024 by Chris from Clay Cross
"Excellent company"
23.01.2024 by Wayne from maidstone
22.01.2024 by Philip from Manchester
22.01.2024 by Karl from March
22.01.2024 by Martin from Strathaven
"Quick and easy"
21.01.2024 by Andy from Norwich
21.01.2024 by Michael from Portree
"Extensive range of quality router bits, found exactly what was needed"
21.01.2024 by Ian from Morpeth
"Quick and easy to find products and to use."
20.01.2024 by Richard from Sunbury on Thames
20.01.2024 by Allan from Stowmarket
18.01.2024 by Paul from Harrogate
18.01.2024 by Andy from Reading
17.01.2024 by Axel from Ipswich
"Not ideal for a phone. Will use my computer next time."
16.01.2024 by GOODS from CRANLEIGH
15.01.2024 by Martin from Strathaven
"Easy and hassle free"
15.01.2024 by Richard from Canterbury
15.01.2024 by Nick from Nantwich
15.01.2024 by Mike from Chinnor
15.01.2024 by Richard from Canterbury
15.01.2024 by Mark from Perranporth
15.01.2024 by Wayne from maidstone
14.01.2024 by Lennox from LUTON
13.01.2024 by KEITH from DEVON
"thank you k"
13.01.2024 by KEITH from DEVON
"all good k"
11.01.2024 by Alan from Manchester
"Very good service, speedy delivery and good American cutters."
10.01.2024 by Timothy from Chester
09.01.2024 by Parosh from Uppsala
09.01.2024 by Nigel from Stoke-on-Trent
"Happy New Year. Always great service and quality products"
09.01.2024 by Stephen from Lancaster
"This is my second order having only ordered once previously but so far great service!"
08.01.2024 by George from Glasgow
08.01.2024 by Tom from Kendal
08.01.2024 by Graham from Dormansland
"Excellent quality, range and service"
07.01.2024 by Steve from Halesowen
05.01.2024 by Gavin from Crick
05.01.2024 by Samuel from Morpeth
05.01.2024 by Jason from Ilfracombe
04.01.2024 by Robert from Fareham
03.01.2024 by Gary from County Armagh
"Very easy to use ! Thank you"
03.01.2024 by Henry from Newquay
03.01.2024 by Richard from Canterbury
03.01.2024 by Paul from Bagshot
02.01.2024 by Richard from Canterbury
02.01.2024 by Robert from Guildford
01.01.2024 by Conrad from Wallingford
29.12.2023 by Andrew from Arbroath
28.12.2023 by Robert from Fareham, Hampshire
27.12.2023 by Ian from Mansfield
26.12.2023 by Stuart from Alcester
"Great service, quick to respond to questions and excellent advice. My first choice for quality router bits."
21.12.2023 by Gavin from Heriot
19.12.2023 by James from Maidstone
19.12.2023 by James from Blackburn
19.12.2023 by Jim from NEWTOWNARDS