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The all new 2017 catalogue from Whiteside Machine Company is now available in PDF format.

Download Whiteside 2017 Catalogue

If you would like to order tools from the new Whiteside catalogue please contact us; if we do not stock the tools you require we would be pleased to add them to our next inbound shipment from the USA.

Update: 05/05/2018


CNC tools from Whiteside Machine Company (5/8" shank):

Update: 24/04/2018


Brand new from Whiteside Machine Company:

Update: 01/03/2018


A few new tools are now listed. Resourced from manufacturers in-and-around Europe, these are high quality tools, made with the best materials & workmanship:

..... more on the way

Update: 09/02/2018

Shipment just in

We have updated our stocks and all available tools are now listed.

Our next inbound shipment (from Whiteside) is expected around the 23rd February 2018.

Update: 24/01/2018

6% Price Increase on the way

It is with a great reluctance that we must inform you of our price adjustments.

A 6% price increase will be applied to all tools as from 6 February 2018. These increases are in line with manufacturers price adjustments due to price increases in the metals markets.

During 2017 carbide costs rose by more than 10%.

Update: 03/11/2017

Custom made Whiteside router bits (now in stock)

  1. Whiteside UD2102M Compression bits (2+2):
    • with 4.76mm (3/16") up cut length
    • these are now custom made and unlike our previous versions which have been modified from stock UD2102 pieces, this production run is a fully machined spiral with mortise style up cut
  2. Whiteside 1502FLT-1/16 v-grooving bit:
    • customised #1502 with 1.59mm (1/16") flat point for smooth flat bottom v-groove
    • 90 degree included angle
  3. Whiteside 1550FLT-1/16 v-grooving bit:
    • customised #1550 with 1.59mm (1/16") flat point for smooth flat bottom v-groove
    • 60 degree included angle
  4. Whiteside 1099MOD Straight Cut bit:
    • customized tool machined for bottom cleaning and makes for a perfect surfacing tool
    • large diameter = 38.1mm (1-1/2")
    • this is a modification to a standard #1099

These are special production runs for

Stocks will be limited.

Should you wish to chase up on out-of-stock items please use our 'Contact Us' web page;

also if you wish to chase up on 'catalogue' items we do not yet stock.


The RouterCutter Team

Please email us through our contact page if you'd like to chase up on an 'out of stock' item.