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The Whiteside Machine Company catalogue is now available in PDF format.

Download Whiteside Machine Co. Catalogue #49

If you would like to order tools from the new Whiteside catalogue please contact us; if we do not stock the tools you require we would be pleased to add them to our next inbound shipment from the USA.

The NEW LOOK RouterCutter.co.uk

Our shop has undergone some facelifts, we hope that the new feel will meet with your approval.

Account Registration Update

A feature added to our website. Allows the auto-populating of address fields plus gives you access to your order history with lists of items previously purchased.

Card/payment sensitive data is not stored within this account, only your address, email and telephone number are stored, along with your purchase history.

Update: 02/05/2019

STRIPE payments has been added to our checkout & payment options.

This will provide more options to customers who prefer alternative payment methods.

Update: 02/05/2019

Our next inbound shipment is due 03-04 May 2019.

We hope to have this shipment listed by 04 May 2019.

Update: 13/04/2019

MACH INDUSTRIAL (Metric Spirals) are now in-stock..!

  • 2+2 compression spirals

  • mortise style with shorter up cut flute lengths

  • machined on our request for high production CNC router bits

  • harder carbide best suited for cutting abrasive man-made boards

    • MI-RUDM82570HC 8mm shank, 25mm cut length, 5mm mortise style up cut length
    • MI-RUDM83280HC 8mm shank, 32mm cut length, 5mm mortise style up cut length
    • MI-RUDM103280HC 10mm shank, 32mm cut length, 5mm mortise style up cut length
    • MI-RUDM123280HC 10mm shank, 32mm cut length, 5mm mortise style up cut length


Please email us through our contact page if you'd like to chase up on an 'out-of-stock' item.


The RouterCutter Team