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10.12.2023 by David from Cheshire
09.12.2023 by Jonathan from Reigate
07.12.2023 by Rosen from Hornchurch
07.12.2023 by Trevor from Bridgnorth
07.12.2023 by Timothy from Chester
06.12.2023 by David from Dunstable
06.12.2023 by Dave from Lincoln
05.12.2023 by Andrew from Arbroath
04.12.2023 by David from Dunstable
02.12.2023 by Graham from Redruth
01.12.2023 by steven from oxford
01.12.2023 by Martin from Winster
"Easy to use and quality products"
30.11.2023 by Philip from Derbyshire
29.11.2023 by robert from Newburgh
29.11.2023 by Gareth from Kirtlington
28.11.2023 by Lauren from Warrington
28.11.2023 by Nigel from Norwich
27.11.2023 by Lee from Chalford
26.11.2023 by Stanislas from Edenbridge
26.11.2023 by Hugh from Hindringham
24.11.2023 by David from Shrewsbury
24.11.2023 by Phillip from Coleraine
23.11.2023 by Jamie from Hillsborough
22.11.2023 by Emma from Salisbury
22.11.2023 by David from Dunstable
22.11.2023 by Russell from Dartford
"Great advice very helpful will be ordering from again next time thanks"
22.11.2023 by Paul from Le MONTEIL
22.11.2023 by Matthew from Stoke-on-Trent
21.11.2023 by steve from kelbrook
"my router bit source for 10 years now"
20.11.2023 by Robertas from Welling
19.11.2023 by Ed from Grouville
17.11.2023 by Jamie from Hillsborough
"Excellent website"
17.11.2023 by Jason from Haverfordwest
"Great service"
16.11.2023 by Rosen from Hornchurch
15.11.2023 by Layla from Kidderminster
13.11.2023 by Dale from manchester
11.11.2023 by Trevor from Southampton
10.11.2023 by Kevin from Cork
09.11.2023 by David from Storrington
09.11.2023 by Tim from St Albans
09.11.2023 by Rebecca from London
09.11.2023 by Daniel from lincoln
"found what i need good job"
08.11.2023 by Andy from Dingwall
08.11.2023 by Spencer from Wrexham
07.11.2023 by Nick from Stamford
"Very helpful support and excellent product"
06.11.2023 by Marek from London
06.11.2023 by Consumables from Ballynahinch
06.11.2023 by Samuel from Morpeth
05.11.2023 by Matthew from South yorkshire
"Extremely easy to navigate around the website, good prices"
04.11.2023 by David from Shrewsbury
"Easy site, great delivery, but more importantly great products"
02.11.2023 by Joseph from Bradford
02.11.2023 by Will from Cambridge
"thanks for the assistance, I'll return the previous order to you for a refund. Kind Regards, Will"
01.11.2023 by Stuart from Alcester
01.11.2023 by David from Dunstable
01.11.2023 by Matthew from Thetford
"Simple order process."
31.10.2023 by Will from Cambridge
30.10.2023 by James from Zwolle
"Very easy"
30.10.2023 by Marc from Elland
30.10.2023 by Philip from Warrenpoint
30.10.2023 by Nick from Tadworth
30.10.2023 by Steve from Mablethorpe
29.10.2023 by Chris from Preston
"Help line advice was fantastic, I bought what was recommended and it did the test piece perfect! Just purchased a back up for the on site job."
28.10.2023 by Andrew from Leicester
"Online experience was pleasant enough once I found my reading glasses"
28.10.2023 by chris from Athens
"Good place for whiteside router bits in europe"
27.10.2023 by WAYNE from Essex
26.10.2023 by Andrew from Leyland
25.10.2023 by Andrew from Baldock
24.10.2023 by Ian from Newcastle-u-Lyme
24.10.2023 by michael from Dunblane
"simple and practical"
24.10.2023 by Richard from Chelmsford Essex
23.10.2023 by Kalli from Essex
23.10.2023 by Jonathan from Thirsk
21.10.2023 by Dag from Saltnes
20.10.2023 by kieran from mirfield
19.10.2023 by Ben from STAMFORD
18.10.2023 by Yiannis from london
18.10.2023 by John from Bolton
17.10.2023 by Dave from Lincoln
17.10.2023 by Bart-Jan from Maasdam
17.10.2023 by Thomas from Hungerford
16.10.2023 by Paul from MANCHESTER
"I've bought a router ive never used one before, i found your shop excellent for proviuding information to help me decide what i needed for my first job - im hoping ( and banking on ) the quality matching the price!"
16.10.2023 by David from Cheshire
16.10.2023 by Joshua from Southport
16.10.2023 by Alan from Callander
13.10.2023 by Stephen from Newport
"Great cutters easy to web site."
13.10.2023 by Tony from Brackley
13.10.2023 by Nick from Stadhampton
12.10.2023 by Mike from Edinburgh
12.10.2023 by Goods from Cranleigh
12.10.2023 by Jonathan from CHORLEY
11.10.2023 by Ben from Lincoln
10.10.2023 by Andy from Reading
10.10.2023 by Peter from Gravesend
08.10.2023 by Nick from Chesterfield
07.10.2023 by Richard from Derby
06.10.2023 by marcus from Norwich
05.10.2023 by Ian from West Calder
"Excellent service."