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Half Round (Bull Nose)

Whiteside Half Round Bullnose Router Bit

Product Description

The cutting profile of the half round bit will allow 2 basic profile patterns - the half round flush finish and the half round bead finish. The flush finish gives the edge of the board a perfect half round profile; choose a larger diameter profile than the board thickness for multiple round edge finishes. The second popular profile is the half round bead finish where the profile diameter is less than the board thickness and the difference is divided in half, creating beads either side of the half round profile.
The smallest half round profile available from Whiteside has a radius of 2.38mm (3/32”) and is available in 6.35mm (1/4”) shank as well as 12.7mm (1/2”) shank.
Compatible with CNC, hand held and table mounted routers.
All Whiteside’s cutting tips are hand brazed, precision ground and made from American industrial grade micro grain tungsten carbide.
Whiteside also make compatible bits for many different jig systems like Leigh Jig, Keller, OmniJig, Porta-Cable and what’s more Whiteside are Akeda approved and also the recommended bits for Incra.

Half Round (Bull Nose)
Shank 6.35 mm (1/4")

Make # radius (mm)D(mm)c/l(mm)B/W(mm)o/a(mm)materialfluteItem Price Ex. VAT Item Price Inc. VAT  
Whiteside 1425 2.3819.0512.74.7644.45tc tipped2£ 22.37£ 26.84Buy / Details
Whiteside 1426 3.1822.2314.296.3547.63tc tipped2£ 22.37£ 26.84Buy / Details
Whiteside 1427 4.7625.422.239.5355.56tc tipped2£ 26.32£ 31.58Buy / Details
Whiteside 1428 6.3528.5825.412.760.33tc tipped2£ 32.89£ 39.47Buy / Details

Half Round (Bull Nose)
Shank 12.7 mm (1/2")

Make # radius (mm)D(mm)c/l(mm)B/W(mm)o/a(mm)materialfluteItem Price Ex. VAT Item Price Inc. VAT  
Whiteside 1429 2.3819.0512.74.7647.63tc tipped2£ 22.37£ 26.84Buy / Details
Whiteside 1430 3.1822.2314.286.3550.8tc tipped2£ 22.37£ 26.84Buy / Details
Whiteside 1431 4.7625.422.239.5358.74tc tipped2£ 25.65£ 30.78Buy / Details
Whiteside 1432 6.3528.5825.412.763.5tc tipped2£ 32.23£ 38.68Buy / Details
Whiteside 1432A 7.9431.7525.415.8863.5tc tipped2£ 39.46£ 47.35Buy / Details
Whiteside 1433 9.5341.2831.7519.0569.85tc tipped2£ 47.36£ 56.83Buy / Details
Whiteside 1433A 11.1147.6338.122.2382.55tc tipped2£ 51.97£ 62.36Buy / Details
Whiteside 1434 12.749.2138.125.482.55tc tipped2£ 51.97£ 62.36Buy / Details
Whiteside 1434A 14.2949.2138.128.5882.55tc tipped2£ 61.82£ 74.18Buy / Details
Whiteside 1435 15.8855.5644.4531.7585.73tc tipped2£ 61.82£ 74.18Buy / Details
Whiteside 1436 19.0561.9147.6338.188.9tc tipped2£ 94.71£ 113.65Buy / Details