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Whiteside 1954 Multi-Rabbet Bit Set


Set includes:
1xWhiteside 1954Rabbeting (Rebate)
1xWhiteside B2Ball Bearing
1xWhiteside B3Ball Bearing
1xWhiteside B7Ball Bearing
1xWhiteside B8Ball Bearing
1xWhiteside B11Ball Bearing
1xWhiteside B17Ball Bearing
1xWhiteside B28Ball Bearing
1xWhiteside B29Ball Bearing
1xWhiteside HK-3/32Hex Key Wrench / Allen Key
Øshank 12.7 mm (1/2")
Item Price Ex. VAT £ 57.96 £ 53.90
Item Price Inc. VAT £ 69.55 £ 64.68
Stock Level 5

Materials: Natural woods, composite woods, hard plastics

Also included in the set is the Whiteside 1955T which is a machined steel T-bushing; enabling the installation of the B11 and B17 ball bearings; reducing the internal bearing diameter from 12.7mm to 4.76mm (1/2" to 3/16").


Whiteside Machine Company; North Carolina, USA


  • The dust generated from the grinding of tungsten carbide may contain potentially hazardous ingredients. Please ensure you wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. Inhalation, ingestion, eye contact and skin contact should be avoided.
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