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Whiteside 1508-MFQ
90º V-Groove

shank 12.7 mm (1/2")
D(mm) 38.1
p/l(mm) 19.05
o/a(mm) 66.68
special use mitre fold qualified
features 1mm flat point
material tc tipped
flute 2
Stock Level 5
Item Price Ex. VAT £ 42.82
Item Price Inc. VAT £ 51.38

Custom made for ROUTERCUTTER.CO.UK by Whiteside. These bits are ground to a sharp point that is 1mm wide and procures the space required for glueing mitre (miter) fold joints. What is a mitre (miter) fold joint..? Popular with boards that are faced on both sides (particularly melamine boards) where the laminate will bend 90 degrees without tearing. A cut is made but the board is not fully severed, leaving on face completely unscathed by the cut. Glue is applied to the cut and the flat board now folded along the cut joint to 90 degrees and clamped. The 1mm spacing is important as this allows just enough of a void for the glued joint and the mitre to be set and clamped at 90 degrees.

Manufacturer: Whiteside Machine Company; North Carolina, USA

Maximum R.P.M. Guidance
Cutting Diameter (D) Max. R.P.M.
up to 19mm 24,000
19 to 38mm 18,000
38 to 57mm 16,000
57 to 89mm 12,000

Warning: The dust generated by the grinding of tungsten carbide may contain potentially hazardous ingredients. Please ensure you wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.