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Up Cut 2 Flute Spirals

Whiteside Spiral Up Cut Router Bit 2 Flute Solid Carbide

Product Description

Spirals produce a razor sharp vertical shearing action in either up cut or down cut; unlike the standard straight cutting carbide tipped cutters (with brazed tips) which produce a lateral shearing action. When choosing spiral router bits always remember that up cut spirals direct shear towards the router and down cut spirals direct shear away from the router. Up cut therefore favours the face of the work piece facing away from the router and down cut favours the face of the work piece facing the router.
Up cut spirals feed the chips (chip clearance) toward the router and are therefore useful for mortising and cutting dado's; conversely down cut spirals feed chips (chip clearance) away from the router.
Chip clearance is most proficient when extracted (by vacuum) in the same direction as shear.
Available in your choice of up cut, down cut and up/down combination (compression).
Spiral router bits for routing plywood, MDF, particle board, laminates, softwood, hardwood and even insulation sheeting.
Compatible with CNC, hand held and table mounted routers.


Up Cut 2 Flute Spirals
Shank 6.35 mm (1/4")

Make # D(mm)c/l(mm)o/a(mm)special usefeaturesmaterialfluteItem Price Ex. VAT Item Price Inc. VAT  
EU-SRU102 2.3912.7050.8solid carbide2£ 19.24£ 23.09Buy / Details
Southeast SRU103 3.1812.750.8solid carbide2£ 14.90£ 17.88Buy / Details
Whiteside RU1600 3.1812.750.8solid carbide2£ 14.58£ 17.50Buy / Details
Whiteside RU1700 3.9715.8850.8solid carbide2£ 15.14£ 18.17Buy / Details
Whiteside RU1800 4.7619.0563.5solid carbide2£ 14.58£ 17.50Buy / Details
Whiteside RU1805 5.0015.8863.5metric cutsolid carbide2£ 16.97£ 20.36Buy / Details
Whiteside RU1900 5.5619.0563.5solid carbide2£ 14.90£ 17.88Buy / Details
Whiteside RU2006 6.0022.2363.5metric cutsolid carbide2£ 16.97£ 20.36Buy / Details
Whiteside RU2075 6.3519.0563.5solid carbide2£ 14.13£ 16.96Buy / Details
SouthEast SRU120 6.3525.463.5solid carbide2£ 17.20£ 20.64Buy / Details
SouthEast SRU120MD 6.3525.463.5MDF & Laminatesspecial grind + carbidesolid carbide2£ 21.96£ 26.35Buy / Details
Whiteside RU2100 6.3525.463.5solid carbide2£ 14.58£ 17.50Buy / Details
EU-SRU123 6.3531.7576.2solid carbide2£ 21.39£ 25.67Buy / Details

Up Cut 2 Flute Spirals
Shank 9.525 mm (3/8")

Make # D(mm)c/l(mm)o/a(mm)special usefeaturesmaterialfluteItem Price Ex. VAT Item Price Inc. VAT  
Whiteside RU4075 9.5319.0563.5solid carbide2£ 21.10£ 25.32Buy / Details
Whiteside RU4100 9.5325.463.5solid carbide2£ 22.96£ 27.55Buy / Details
Whiteside HU4125 9.5331.7576.2high wear MDF & laminatesHercules Max Life Carbidesolid carbide2£ 27.58£ 33.10Buy / Details
Whiteside RU4125 9.5331.7576.2solid carbide2£ 24.20£ 29.04Buy / Details

Up Cut 2 Flute Spirals
Shank 12.7 mm (1/2")

Make # D(mm)c/l(mm)o/a(mm)special usefeaturesmaterialfluteItem Price Ex. VAT Item Price Inc. VAT  
Whiteside RU4675 6.3519.0576.2solid carbide2£ 18.93£ 22.72Buy / Details
Whiteside RU4700 6.3525.482.55solid carbide2£ 20.16£ 24.19Buy / Details
Whiteside RU4800 7.1425.476.2solid carbide2£ 45.30£ 54.36Buy / Details
Whiteside RU4850 7.9425.476.2solid carbide2£ 35.06£ 42.07Buy / Details
Whiteside RU4858 8.0025.476.2metric cutsolid carbide2£ 45.30£ 54.36Buy / Details
Whiteside RU4875 9.5319.0576.2solid carbide2£ 33.20£ 39.84Buy / Details
Whiteside RU4900 9.5331.7576.2solid carbide2£ 35.06£ 42.07Buy / Details
Whiteside RU4910 10.0028.5876.2metric cutsolid carbide2£ 39.71£ 47.65Buy / Details
Whiteside RU4950 11.1131.7576.2solid carbide2£ 34.75£ 41.70Buy / Details
Whiteside RU5100 12.725.476.2solid carbide2£ 31.65£ 37.98Buy / Details
Whiteside RU5125 12.731.7576.2solid carbide2£ 33.20£ 39.84Buy / Details
Whiteside RU5150 12.738.188.9solid carbide2£ 35.37£ 42.44Buy / Details
SouthEast SRU160 12.741.2888.9solid carbide2£ 43.25£ 51.90Buy / Details
Whiteside RU5200 12.750.8101.6solid carbide2£ 42.82£ 51.38Buy / Details