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Aerospace Composites, CFRP, GFRP, Honeycomb and Graphite

Product Description

Straight cut multi-flute tungsten carbide router bits designed for abrasive composite materials found in the aerospace, aviation and marine industries. Composite materials like:

- carbon fibre reinforced plastic/polymer (CFRP)
- glass fibre reinforced plastic/polymer (GFRP)
- honeycomb
- graphite (GR)

Machined from high grade nano grain tungsten carbide and includes a progressive nano coating rated at a 4500Hv (hardness). The progressive nano coating reduces surface friction and the 2 micron thick encapsulation insulates against faster heat transfer.

The straight cut multi-flute design provides best edge finish and minimises delamination of surface layers.

Designed for CNC operations including ramp-plunging, slot milling and side milling.

Make # Shank CEDCELOALfeaturesmaterialfluteItem Price Ex. VAT Item Price Inc. VAT  
GR-RSM83080Z8X 8 mm 83080nano coatingharder carbide8£ 44.33£ 53.20Buy / Details
GR-RSM102570Z8X 10 mm 102570nano coatingharder carbide8£ 51.00£ 61.20Buy / Details
GR-RSM123080Z8X 12 mm 123080nano coatingharder carbide8£ 68.25£ 81.90Buy / Details