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Socket Head Cap Screws

Whiteside Socket Head Cap Screw

Product Description

Steel socket head cap screws - imperial screw thread type.
Compatible with the Whiteside hex key wrench.
Supplied by Whiteside and recommended for all Whiteside router bits.
Whiteside make use of the following 3 types of socket head cap screws for mounting bearings to the end of the router bit:
54025S – the standard cap screw for most bits with the exceptions listed below:
34825S – Whiteside 2400, 2401 and 2404A
103238S – Whiteside 2013 to 2016, 2410, 2560, 2570, 2575, 2580, 2900 to 2908 and 3390.

Socket Head Cap Screws

Make # thread typethread lengthItem Price Ex. VAT Item Price Inc. VAT  
Whiteside 34825S 3-486.35£ 0.53£ 0.64Buy / Details
Whiteside 54025S 5-406.35£ 0.53£ 0.64Buy / Details
Whiteside 103238S 10-329.53£ 0.53£ 0.64Buy / Details