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Slotting Cutter

Whiteside Slotting Cutter Whiteside Arbor and Slotting Cutter Assembly Whiteside Arbor and Slotting Cutter Assembly - thumbnail Whiteside Slotting Cutter Bearing Variations - Cut Profile - Drawing 01 - thumbnail 

Product Description

Please Note: the Arbor and Slotting Cutter are sold as individual items.
Special sizes are available on request.
Whiteside manufacture 3 wing and 4 wing cutters; all tungsten carbide tipped. All cutters feature with a cutting diameter (D) of 47.63mm (1-7/8”) and a bore size of 7.94mm (5/16”).
Compatible ball bearings for varied slotting depth as follows:
Whiteside B5, B20, B25, B26 and B27 - the B5 bearing is the standard factory fitted bearing on all bearing mounted arbors and provides a cutting depth (c/d) of 12.7mm (1/2”).
All Whiteside’s cutting tips are hand brazed, precision ground and made from American industrial grade micro grain tungsten carbide.
Compatible with hand held and table mounted routers.

Slotting Cutter

Make # D(mm)kerf(mm)materialwingsItem Price Ex. VAT Item Price Inc. VAT  
Whiteside 6700A 47.631.59tc tipped3£ 11.79£ 14.15Buy / Details
Whiteside 6700B 47.631.59tc tipped4£ 16.40£ 19.68Buy / Details
Whiteside 6701A 47.631.78tc tipped3£ 13.00£ 15.60Buy / Details
Whiteside 6702A 47.632.03tc tipped3£ 13.00£ 15.60Buy / Details
Whiteside 6703A 47.632.38tc tipped3£ 12.88£ 15.46Buy / Details
Whiteside 6703B 47.632.38tc tipped4£ 18.09£ 21.71Buy / Details
Whiteside 6704A 47.632.54tc tipped3£ 14.39£ 17.27Buy / Details
Whiteside 6704C 47.632.78tc tipped3£ 14.83£ 17.80Buy / Details
Whiteside 6705A 47.633.18tc tipped3£ 14.18£ 17.02Buy / Details
Whiteside 6705B 47.633.18tc tipped4£ 19.69£ 23.63Buy / Details
Whiteside 6708A 47.633.97tc tipped3£ 14.18£ 17.02Buy / Details
Whiteside 6709A 47.634.76tc tipped3£ 14.18£ 17.02Buy / Details
Whiteside 6709C 47.635.56tc tipped3£ 14.83£ 17.80Buy / Details
Whiteside 6710A 47.636.35tc tipped3£ 14.18£ 17.02Buy / Details
Whiteside 6710B 47.636.35tc tipped4£ 20.16£ 24.19Buy / Details
Whiteside 6712A 47.637.14tc tipped3£ 17.01£ 20.41Buy / Details
Whiteside 6715A 47.637.92tc tipped3£ 17.01£ 20.41Buy / Details