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Sam Maloof Style Chair Makers Bits

Whiteside 5 Degree Taper Chair Making Bits
Whiteside 09-165 Maloof Chair Makers Router Bit - Drawing 01
Whiteside 09-165 Maloof Chair Makers Router Bit - Drawing 01 - thumbnail
Whiteside 09-163 Maloof Chair Makers Router Bit - Drawing 01 - thumbnail
Whiteside 09-164 Maloof Chair Makers Router Bit - Drawing 03 - thumbnail

Product Description

Whiteside Machine Company manufacture 3 bits that are used in conjunction with each other to craft leg joints on the Sam Maloof style rocking chair. These matching router bits are crafted in the same style as the original bits used by Sam Maloof. The 3 profiles are used to create the wood joints that join the seat of the chair to the legs. The bits list as follows:
5º Positive taper rabbeting bit – Whiteside 09-163
5º Negative taper rabbeting bit – Whiteside 09-164
25.4mm (1”) Straight rabbeting bit – Whiteside 09-165
Please note
Instructional DVD and books are published that give instructions on how these bits are to be used. The sale of these bits is exclusive of instructions on how to craft rocking chairs and any associated media. Please choose the correct bits as per your choice of media instructions as not all media make use of these bits.
Compatible with hand held and table mounted routers.
All Whiteside’s cutting tips are hand brazed, precision ground and made from American industrial grade micro grain tungsten carbide.

Make # Shank R (mm)D(mm)d(mm)c/l(mm)c/d(mm)o/a(mm)anglespecial usefeaturesmaterialfluteball bearingItem Price Ex. VAT Item Price Inc. VAT  
Whiteside RFTD5200 12.7 mm (1/2") 12.750.8120.65flush trimsolid carbide2£ 64.47£ 77.36Buy / Details
Whiteside 09-165 12.7 mm (1/2") 25.415.886.3563.5chair jointsstraight rabbettc tipped2B3£ 29.00£ 34.80Buy / Details
Whiteside 09-164 12.7 mm (1/2") 25.422.6215.886.35chair joints- tapertc tipped2£ 37.34£ 44.81Buy / Details
Whiteside 09-163 12.7 mm (1/2") 29.3726.5215.886.35chair joints+ tapertc tipped2£ 37.34£ 44.81Buy / Details
Whiteside 1922 12.7 mm (1/2") 38.112.712.757.15tc tipped2£ 20.72£ 24.86Buy / Details
Whiteside 2010 12.7 mm (1/2") 19.0550.825.4B2 + B3 inclusivetc tipped2£ 42.52£ 51.02Buy / Details