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PLASTICS / FIBREGLASS / ALU / ACM / AEROSPACESolid Carbide Spiral Up Cut 1 Flute O-Flute

Solid Carbide Spiral Up Cut 1 Flute O-Flute

3mm Shank Mach Industrial MI-RUOM1450S3Z1 Solid Carbide 1 Flute O Flute Router Bit for Plastic. Cutting edge diameter of 1mm and polished inner flute for faster chip ejection. Router bits for acrylics, polycarb, ABS, Acetal, Delrin, HDPE, etc.


Øshank 3 mm
ØD 1
c/l 4
o/a 50
special use plastics & alum
features polished multi-grind
material solid carbide
flute 1
Item Price Ex. VAT £ 24.00 £ 22.32
Item Price Inc. VAT £ 28.80 £ 26.78
Stock Level 30


MACH INDUSTRIAL (EUROPE); Machined in Europe

Maximum R.P.M. Guidance:

Cutting Diameter (D) Max. R.P.M.
up to 19mm 24,000
19 to 38mm 18,000
38 to 57mm 16,000
57 to 89mm 12,000


  • The dust generated from the grinding of tungsten carbide may contain potentially hazardous ingredients. Please ensure you wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. Inhalation, ingestion, eye contact and skin contact should be avoided.
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