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Fine Diamond Burr for CFRP, GFRP, Honeycomb, GR

Product Description

Fine diamond burr straight cut tungsten carbide router bits designed for abrasive composite materials found in the aerospace, aviation and marine industries. Composite materials like:

- carbon fibre reinforced plastic/polymer (CFRP)
- glass fibre reinforced plastic/polymer (GFRP)
- honeycomb
- graphite (GR)

Machined from high grade nano grain tungsten carbide and includes a progressive nano coating rated at a 4500Hv hardness. The progressive nano coating reduces surface friction and the 2 micron thick encapsulation insulates against faster heat transfer.

Fine diamond burr design provides fast and efficient material removal and should be regarded as a roughing tool where delamination is possible. Recommended for composites with fibre content above 50%. The fine diamond burr design with positive helix flute direction improves chip ejection.

Designed for CNC operations including ramp-plunging, slot milling and side milling.

Make # Shank CEDCELOALfeaturesmaterialfluteItem Price Ex. VAT Item Price Inc. VAT  
DFZ-RUM82580X 8 mm 825804500Hv nano coatingnano grain carbidefine diamond burr£ 46.25 £ 43.01£ 55.50 £ 51.62Buy / Details
DFZ-RUM102580X 10 mm 1025804500Hv nano coatingnano grain carbidefine diamond burr£ 67.44 £ 62.72£ 80.93 £ 75.26Buy / Details
DFZ-RUM123090X 12 mm 1230904500Hv nano coatingnano grain carbidefine diamond burr£ 90.00 £ 83.70£ 108.00 £ 100.44Buy / Details
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