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Down Cut 2 Flute Spiral with Chipbreakers

Product Description

Chipbreakers break up chips into smaller debris which eject faster.

Chipbreakers can thus benefit the cutting operation by:
• increasing feedrates and therefore bigger chipload
• lowering cutting temperature
• improve chip ejection

The actual chipbreakers/serrations along the flutes are arranged in a staggered format, ensuring that one flute cuts with a breaker and one flute cuts with a finishing cut.

Chipbreakers versus Roughing Spirals (Hogger bits)
• main difference is tool geometry relating to the chipbreaker arrangement
• breakers are staggered on a 'chipbreaker' and each breaker is always complemented with a finishing flute
• roughing spirals have continuous breakers with no finishing flute to smooth the edge, literally shred the chip
• roughing spirals produce the smallest chip but at a loss of surface finish
• higher feedrates can be achieved with roughing spirals

CNC common practice:
• chipload is reduced by 25% when DOC exceeds 2 × CED
• chipload is reduced by 50% when DOC exceeds 3 × CED
Chipbreakers can reduce the 25% and 50% chipload loss because of better chip ejection; so faster feeds at greater DOC.

Recommended for thicker stock and CNC nesting, including hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, MDF, engineered boards and solid surface cut-outs where finish is of lesser concern.

Make # Shank ØDc/lo/afeaturesmaterialfluteItem Price Ex. VAT Item Price Inc. VAT  
Whiteside RD5125CB 12.7 mm (1/2") 12.731.7576.2down cutsolid tungsten carbide2£ 58.22 £ 54.14£ 69.86 £ 64.97Buy / Details
Whiteside RD5150CB 12.7 mm (1/2") 12.738.188.9down cutsolid tungsten carbide2£ 60.85 £ 56.59£ 73.02 £ 67.91Buy / Details
Whiteside RD5200CB 12.7 mm (1/2") 12.750.8101.6down cutsolid tungsten carbide2£ 72.06 £ 67.02£ 86.47 £ 80.42Buy / Details
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