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5 Piece Bearing Conversion Kit

Product Description

Use the 5 piece bearing conversion kit to vary the horizontal cutting depth (c/d) of router cutters with bearing pilots - great for stepping in to finished depth by controlled increments. The kit includes 4 bearings and a hex key wrench.
Whiteside ball bearings included [i/d = 4.76mm (3/16”)]:
B2 with o/d = 9.53mm (3/8”)
B3 with o/d = 12.7mm (1/2”)
B7 with o/d = 15.88mm (5/8")
B8 with o/d = 19.05mm (3/4")
Plus a Whiteside HK - 3/32" hex key wrench
Ball bearings supplied by Whiteside and recommended for all Whiteside router bits. The standard issue ball bearings are made from steel and have metal shields – they are the unsealed type. To increase the longevity and performance (to reduce wear) of the bearings light lubrication is recommended. Special application router bits are supplied with the appropriate bearings.

Make # Shank i.d.materialItem Price Ex. VAT Item Price Inc. VAT  
Whiteside BB501 0 mm 4.76steel£ 14.14 £ 13.15£ 16.97 £ 15.78Buy / Details
Set includes:
1xWhiteside B2Ball Bearing
1xWhiteside B3Ball Bearing
1xWhiteside B7Ball Bearing
1xWhiteside B8Ball Bearing
1xWhiteside HK-3/32Hex Key Wrench / Allen Key
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