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45º Chamfer 3 Flute

Product Description

3 FLUTE (Z=3)
Routers make great finishing tools, giving an edge that extra detail makes all the difference sometimes. The 45º chamfer (or 45º bevelled edge) can soften (make aesthetically pleasing) a corner and make the corner less prone to damage and splintering. A 'Lark's Tongue' embellishment on the end/s of a chamfered edge also makes a great decorative detail. Glued joints with both ends cut at 45º are synonymous with woodworking.

3 Fluted chamfer bit for a smoother finish and longevity; each flute works slightly less than a 2 flute bit, producing finer chips.

High quality tungsten carbide tips.

Suitable for manual feed router applications; handheld and router table work.