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Whiteside 2015
Round Over and Beading

shank 12.7 mm (1/2")
radius (mm) 34.93
D(mm) 88.90
c/l(mm) 47.63
features B4 only
material tc tipped
flute 2
Stock Level 2
Item Price GBP 119.04

Compatible Spares & Accessories

Whiteside 2015 is incompatible with the B2 and B3 ball bearings. Use B4 ball bearing only.

Manufacturer: Whiteside Machine Company; North Carolina, USA

Maximum R.P.M. Guidance
Cutting Diameter (D) Max. R.P.M.
up to 19mm 24,000
19 to 38mm 18,000
38 to 57mm 16,000
57 to 89mm 12,000

Warning: The dust generated by the grinding of tungsten carbide may contain potentially hazardous ingredients. Please ensure you wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.