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Straight Cut

Straight Cut Router Bit

Product Description

Straight cutting router bits in a choice of single or twin flute and also additional options of down shear (DS) and flat carbide boring point (F).
Useful for trimming of stock, stock removal, dado cutting, mortising, etc.
Install bearing and locking collar on shank to enable pattern routing.
Compatible with CNC, table mounted routers and hand held routing.
All Whiteside’s cutting tips are hand brazed, precision ground and made from American industrial grade micro grain tungsten carbide.
Whiteside also make compatible bits for many different jig systems like Leigh Jig, Keller, OmniJig, Porta-Cable and what’s more Whiteside are Akeda approved and also the recommended bits for Incra.

Straight Cut
Shank 6.35 mm (1/4")

Make # D(mm)c/l(mm)o/a(mm)special usefeaturesmaterialfluteItem Price  
Whiteside 1012 6.3512.750.8tc tipped2GBP 10.81Buy/Details
Whiteside 1004 6.3519.0557.15tc tipped1GBP 9.09Buy/Details
Whiteside 1013 6.3519.0557.15Incratc tipped2GBP 10.77Buy/Details
Whiteside 1005 6.3525.463.5tc tipped1GBP 9.38Buy/Details
Whiteside 1014 6.3525.463.5tc tipped2GBP 11.04Buy/Details
Whiteside 1016 6.3525.476.2tc tipped2GBP 11.80Buy/Details
Whiteside 1007 6.3525.479.38tc tipped1GBP 9.59Buy/Details
Whiteside 1007A 6.3525.482.55air routertc tipped1GBP 10.27Buy/Details
Whiteside 1016-01 6.3525.482.55tc tipped2GBP 12.48Buy/Details
Whiteside 1008 7.1419.0557.15tc tipped1GBP 10.16Buy/Details
Whiteside 1018 7.1425.476.2tc tipped2GBP 12.48Buy/Details
Whiteside 1019 7.9425.463.5OmniJig #43300tc tipped2GBP 11.87Buy/Details
Whiteside 1020 7.9425.469.85Leigh #140tc tipped2GBP 12.27Buy/Details
Whiteside 1021 9.5319.0557.15tc tipped2GBP 11.87Buy/Details
Whiteside 1022 9.5325.463.5Incratc tipped2GBP 12.48Buy/Details
Whiteside 1023 9.5331.7569.85tc tipped2GBP 14.43Buy/Details
Whiteside 1023A 10.3225.463.5P-C 4210/4212tct2GBP 13.24Buy/Details
Whiteside 1024 11.1125.463.5tc tipped2GBP 13.62Buy/Details
Whiteside 1024A 12.319.0557.15undersized ply dadotc tipped2GBP 13.70Buy/Details
Whiteside 1025 12.719.0557.15tc tipped2GBP 12.18Buy/Details
Whiteside 1026 12.725.463.5OmniJig #43318tc tipped2GBP 12.94Buy/Details
Whiteside 1027 14.2919.0557.15tc tipped2GBP 13.70Buy/Details
Whiteside 1027A 15.0819.0557.15undersized ply dadotc tipped2GBP 13.70Buy/Details
Whiteside 1028 15.8819.0553.98tc tipped2GBP 13.67Buy/Details
Whiteside 1029 17.4619.0553.98tc tipped2GBP 15.65Buy/Details
Whiteside 1029A 18.2619.0553.98undersized ply dadotc tipped2GBP 15.65Buy/Details
Whiteside 1030 19.0519.0553.98tc tipped2GBP 14.28Buy/Details
Whiteside 1031 19.0525.466.68tc tipped2GBP 15.91Buy/Details
Whiteside 1033 25.419.0553.98tc tipped2GBP 17.89Buy/Details

Straight Cut
Shank 8 mm

Make # D(mm)c/l(mm)o/a(mm)special usefeaturesmaterialfluteItem Price  
Whiteside 1020×8 825.469.85Leigh 140-8mmtc tipped2GBP 14.45Buy/Details

Straight Cut
Shank 12.7 mm (1/2")

Make # D(mm)c/l(mm)o/a(mm)special usefeaturesmaterialfluteItem Price  
Whiteside 1058-M6 619.0560.33Incra metricmetric cutting diametertc tipped2GBP 14.83Buy/Details
Whiteside 1058 6.3519.0560.33Incratc tipped2GBP 13.47Buy/Details
Whiteside 1059 7.1419.0560.33tc tipped2GBP 13.47Buy/Details
Whiteside 1060 7.9425.466.68tc tipped2GBP 13.88Buy/Details
Whiteside 1061 9.5319.0560.33tc tipped2GBP 11.91Buy/Details
Whiteside 1062 9.5325.466.68Incratc tipped2GBP 13.14Buy/Details
Whiteside 1063 9.5331.7573.03tc tipped2GBP 14.43Buy/Details
Whiteside 1062-M10 1025.466.68Incra metricmetric cutting diametertc tipped2GBP 14.44Buy/Details
Whiteside 1064A 10.3225.463.5porter cable # 43743PCtc tipped2GBP 13.24Buy/Details
Whiteside 1065 11.1131.7573.03tc tipped2GBP 13.41Buy/Details
Whiteside 1065L 11.1131.7582.55Leigh #150tc tipped2GBP 14.25Buy/Details
Whiteside 1066-M12 1225.466.68Incra metricmetric cutting diametertc tipped2GBP 13.73Buy/Details
Whiteside 1066 12.725.466.68tc tipped2GBP 12.48Buy/Details
Whiteside 1067 12.731.7573.03tc tipped2GBP 12.86Buy/Details
Whiteside 1067F 12.731.7573.03flat carbide boring pointtc tipped2GBP 18.76Buy/Details
Whiteside 1070 12.731.75104.78tc tipped2GBP 15.63Buy/Details
Whiteside 1069 12.738.179.38tc tipped2GBP 13.85Buy/Details
Whiteside 1069DS 12.738.179.38down sheartc tipped2GBP 16.62Buy/Details
Whiteside 1071 12.750.888.9tc tipped2GBP 19.09Buy/Details
Whiteside 1072 12.750.8104.78tc tipped2GBP 19.54Buy/Details
Whiteside 1055A 12.763.5111.13tc tipped1GBP 18.89Buy/Details
Whiteside 1073 12.763.5111.13tc tipped2GBP 25.36Buy/Details
Whiteside 1073-01 12.763.5139.7long reachtc tipped2GBP 27.40Buy/Details
Whiteside 1074 13.4931.7573.03tc tippedGBP 15.18Buy/Details
Whiteside 1075 14.2931.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 14.16Buy/Details
Whiteside 1075A 15.0819.0557.15undersized ply dadotc tipped2GBP 14.89Buy/Details
Whiteside 1076 15.8825.463.5tc tipped2GBP 13.55Buy/Details
Whiteside 1076F 15.8825.463.5carbide boring pointtc tipped2GBP 20.09Buy/Details
Whiteside 1077 15.8831.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 14.16Buy/Details
Whiteside 1078 15.8838.176.2tc tipped2GBP 15.18Buy/Details
Whiteside 1079 15.8850.8101.6tc tipped2GBP 23.81Buy/Details
Whiteside 1076-M16 1625.463.5Incra metricmetric cutting diametertc tipped2GBP 14.91Buy/Details
Whiteside 1080 16.6731.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 16.99Buy/Details
Whiteside 1083 17.4631.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 15.91Buy/Details
Whiteside 1084-M19 1925.469.85Incra metricmetric cutting diametertc tipped2GBP 16.24Buy/Details
Whiteside 1084 19.0525.469.85tc tipped2GBP 14.76Buy/Details
Whiteside 1085F 19.0531.7576.2flat carbide boring pointtc tipped2GBP 21.61Buy/Details
Whiteside 1087 19.0550.892.08tc tipped2GBP 23.75Buy/Details
Whiteside 1088 19.8431.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 16.29Buy/Details
Whiteside 1090 20.6431.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 17.12Buy/Details
Whiteside 1091 22.2331.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 17.12Buy/Details
Whiteside 1092 23.8131.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 19.79Buy/Details
Whiteside 1093 25.431.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 18.97Buy/Details
Whiteside 1093F 25.431.7576.2flat carbide boring pointtc tipped2GBP 25.36Buy/Details
Whiteside 1094 25.438.176.2tc tipped2GBP 20.35Buy/Details
Whiteside 1095 25.450.895.25tc tipped2GBP 27.78Buy/Details
Whiteside 1098 34.9331.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 28.54Buy/Details
Whiteside 1099 38.131.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 30.14Buy/Details
Whiteside 1101 50.831.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 46.35Buy/Details