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Round Nose (Core Box)

Whiteside Round Nose Core Box Router Bit Whiteside Round Nose Core Box Router Bit - Cut Profile - Part 1 Whiteside Round Nose Core Box Router Bit - Cut Profile - Part 1 - thumbnail Whiteside Round Nose Core Box Router Bit - Cut Profile - Part 2 - thumbnail 

Product Description

Round nose (Core box) router bits are used for routing grooves that have round bottoms or sides depending on the depth of cut. Fluting as it’s known dates back many centuries and can be seen in Georgian architecture where columns and posts were given decorative flutes – simple but very elegant.
The round nose can be used for veining; engraving; decorative flutes, fluted millwork and sign making. Adding a shank mounted bearing and lock collar will provide a guide for pattern (template) routing. Whiteside 1404B, 1405B and 1406B are factory fitted with bearing and lock collar.
Compatible with CNC, hand held and table mounted routers.
All Whiteside’s cutting tips are hand brazed, precision ground and made from American industrial grade micro grain tungsten carbide.
Whiteside also make compatible bits for many different jig systems like Leigh Jig, Keller, OmniJig, Porta-Cable and what’s more Whiteside are Akeda approved and also the recommended bits for Incra.

Round Nose (Core Box)
Shank 6.35 mm (1/4")

Make # radius (mm)D(mm)c/l(mm)o/a(mm)materialfluteItem Price  
Whiteside SC39 1.593.186.3550.8solid carbide2GBP 13.24Buy/Details
Whiteside SC40 2.384.769.5350.8solid carbide2GBP 12.86Buy/Details
Whiteside SC41 3.186.3512.750.8solid carbide2GBP 12.65Buy/Details
Whiteside 1403 4.769.5312.750.8tc tipped2GBP 14.82Buy/Details
Whiteside 1404 6.3512.715.8857.15tc tipped2GBP 17.85Buy/Details
Whiteside 1404B 6.3512.715.8857.15tc tipped2GBP 22.68Buy/Details
Whiteside 1405 7.9415.889.5350.8tc tipped2GBP 18.47Buy/Details
Whiteside 1405B 7.9415.889.5350.8tc tipped2GBP 22.68Buy/Details
Whiteside 1406 9.5319.0511.1150.8tc tipped2GBP 18.83Buy/Details
Whiteside 1406B 9.5319.0511.1150.8tc tipped2GBP 22.68Buy/Details

Round Nose (Core Box)
Shank 12.7 mm (1/2")

Make # radius (mm)D(mm)c/l(mm)o/a(mm)materialfluteItem Price  
Whiteside 1407 4.769.5325.466.68tc tipped2GBP 20.52Buy/Details
Whiteside 1408 6.3512.731.7573.03tc tipped2GBP 21.65Buy/Details
Whiteside 1410 7.9415.8831.7573.03tc tipped2GBP 23.59Buy/Details
Whiteside 1411 9.5319.0531.7573.03tc tipped2GBP 27.02Buy/Details
Whiteside 1412 11.1122.2331.7573.03tc tipped2GBP 34.25Buy/Details
Whiteside 1413 12.725.431.7573.03tc tipped2GBP 35.01Buy/Details
Whiteside 1414 15.8831.7531.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 38.05Buy/Details
Whiteside 1415 19.0538.131.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 49.47Buy/Details
Whiteside 1416 22.2344.4531.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 71.54Buy/Details
Whiteside 1417 25.450.831.7576.2tc tipped2GBP 75.35Buy/Details