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Ball Bearings

Whiteside Ball Bearing

Product Description

Ball bearings supplied by Whiteside and recommended for all Whiteside router bits. The standard issue ball bearings are made from steel and have metal shields – they are the unsealed type. To increase the longevity and performance (to reduce wear) of the bearings light lubrication is recommended. Special application router bits are supplied with the appropriate bearings.
Special application ball bearings (suffix abbreviations explained):
“S” = non-mar nylon sleeve
“SQ” = euro square Teflon ®
“T” = Teflon ® shields (sealed – do not lubricate)
“U” = for resharps (undersized)

Ball Bearings

Make # o/d(mm)i/d(mm)featuresmaterialItem Price  
Whiteside B1A 6.353.18steelGBP 4.57Buy/Details
Whiteside B1 9.533.18steelGBP 3.81Buy/Details
Whiteside B2 9.534.76steelGBP 3.42Buy/Details
Whiteside B3U 12.454.76undersizedsteelGBP 4.19Buy/Details
Whiteside B9U 12.456.35undersizedsteelGBP 5.71Buy/Details
Whiteside B3 12.704.76steelGBP 3.42Buy/Details
Whiteside B3S 12.704.76nylon sleevedsteelGBP 6.28Buy/Details
Whiteside B3SQ 12.704.76euro squareteflonGBP 4.95Buy/Details
Whiteside B3T 12.704.76teflon shieldssteelGBP 4.19Buy/Details
Whiteside B9 12.706.35steelGBP 3.81Buy/Details
Whiteside B7 15.884.76steelGBP 3.35Buy/Details
Whiteside B6 15.886.35steelGBP 3.04Buy/Details
Whiteside B27 15.887.94steelGBP 6.85Buy/Details
Whiteside B14 17.464.76steelGBP 6.47Buy/Details
Whiteside B8 19.054.76steelGBP 4.57Buy/Details
Whiteside B8SQ 19.054.76euro squareteflonGBP 4.95Buy/Details
Whiteside B4 19.056.35steelGBP 3.04Buy/Details
Whiteside B20 19.057.94steelGBP 7.61Buy/Details
Whiteside B19 19.0512.70steelGBP 9.51Buy/Details
Whiteside B15 20.644.76steelGBP 7.23Buy/Details
Whiteside B28 22.234.76steelGBP 8.37Buy/Details
Whiteside BB300 22.23 × 10º4.76steelGBP 14.38Buy/Details
Whiteside B21 22.236.35steelGBP 10.66Buy/Details
Whiteside B5 22.237.94steelGBP 3.04Buy/Details
Whiteside B13 22.2312.7steelGBP 7.99Buy/Details
Whiteside B29 25.404.76steelGBP 8.37Buy/Details
Whiteside B25 28.587.94steelGBP 11.42Buy/Details
Whiteside B11 28.5812.70steelGBP 3.81Buy/Details
Whiteside B16 31.7512.70steelGBP 12.18Buy/Details
Whiteside B26 34.937.94steelGBP 11.42Buy/Details
Whiteside B17 34.9312.70steelGBP 12.18Buy/Details
Whiteside B18 38.1012.70steelGBP 12.18Buy/Details
Whiteside B24 47.6312.70steelGBP 14.46Buy/Details