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Arbor for Slotting Cutter

Whiteside Arbor For Slotting Cutter Whiteside Arbor and Slotting Cutter Assembly

Product Description

Please Note: the Arbor and Slotting Cutter are sold as individual items.
Special size arbors for slotting cutters are available on request.
Compatible arbor bearings for varied slotting depth as follows:
Whiteside B5, B20, B25, B26 and B27 – all have compatible 7.94mm (5/16”) internal diameter to compliment the spindle of the arbor. The B5 bearing is the standard factory fitted bearing on all bearing mounted arbors and provides a cutting depth (c/d) of 12.7mm (1/2”).
Not all arbors are supplied with bearings; the "B" on the end of the part number will identify an arbor with installed bearing (please consult our ‘accessories’ category for additional ball-bearing options).
Whiteside's tungsten carbide tips are hand brazed and only top quality American industrial micro grain carbide is used.
Compatible with table mounted routers and hand held routers.

Arbor for Slotting Cutter
Shank 6.35 mm (1/4")

Make # A(mm)B(mm)o/a(mm)thread lengthspindle ØmaterialItem Price  
Whiteside A200 38.122.2360.3312.77.94steelGBP 3.42Buy/Details
Whiteside A200B 38.122.2360.3312.77.94steelGBP 6.73Buy/Details
Whiteside A300 39.6936.5176.212.77.94steelGBP 4.95Buy/Details

Arbor for Slotting Cutter
Shank 12.7 mm (1/2")

Make # A(mm)B(mm)o/a(mm)thread lengthspindle ØmaterialItem Price  
Whiteside A375 41.2844.4584.1812.77.94steelGBP 6.85Buy/Details
Whiteside A210B 44.4522.2360.3312.77.94steelGBP 6.73Buy/Details
Whiteside A260 53.9830.1684.1812.77.94steelGBP 4.57Buy/Details
Whiteside A220B 79.3822.23101.612.77.94steelGBP 12.44Buy/Details