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2+2 Compression Spiral (Up Down Cut 2 Flute)

Solid Carbide Up Down 2+2 Compression Spiral Router Bit with M10 Shank

Product Description

Italy's finest tooling and custom made for
Compression spiral router bits for a superior fine finish to double-sided laminates and veneered boards. Compression spirals may also be referred to as 'up down cut' bits (2+2 compression for 2 flutes in both directions, likewise 1+1 compression, 3+3 compression and so on). 2+2 Compression equates to 2 up cut flutes arranged on the end of the bit and 2 down cut flutes nearer the shank. Chip clearance is directed inwards towards the meeting point of the up cut and down cut flutes; an ideal tool for trimming edges where chip clearance is proficient. Made from industrial grade micro grain carbide.
Compatible with CNC, table mounted routers and for hand held routing.

2+2 Compression Spiral Metric Shank (Italy)
Shank 8 mm

Make # D(mm)c/l(mm)o/a(mm)featuresmaterialfluteItem Price  
RUDM82280 82280up/down cutsolid carbide2+2GBP 28.57Buy/Details
RUDM83280 83280up/down cutsolid carbide2+2GBP 30.19Buy/Details

2+2 Compression Spiral Metric Shank (Italy)
Shank 10 mm

Make # D(mm)c/l(mm)o/a(mm)featuresmaterialfluteItem Price  
RUDM103280 103280up/down cutsolid carbide2+2GBP 37.25Buy/Details
RUDM1042100 1042100up/down cutsolid carbide2+2GBP 47.76Buy/Details